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Partner Training

Not everyone likes to train on their own. Partner training offers you the chance to exercise with your friend or partner. It offers a social dimension whilst you both benefit from the knowledge, guidance, support and motivation a personal trainer provides.

A training programme will be created that you'll do together whilst maintaining individual support to optimise your personal development, so you don't have to worry about trying to keep up with your partner. 


1-hour Partner Personal Training is £40 (£20 per person) or purchase one of the following package and take advantage of improved pricing. 30 & 45 minute sessions also available.

  • 6 sessions: £228 (£38 per session / £19 per person)

  • 12 sessions: £432 (£36 per session / £18 per person)

  • 24 sessions: £816 (£34 per session / £17 per person)

FREE initial consultation and Health & Fitness MOT


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